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Goethe-Test PRO

A fast and reliable way to test the German business language level.

The Goethe-Test PRO is a German language assessment service. By testing a number of linguistic skills, the Goethe-Test PRO produces accurate language profiles of candidates.

The service provides:

  • relevant, useful and reliable language tests in work contexts
  • test administration to suit the client / company’s individual requirements
  • rapid turn around of test results
  • information to help the interpretation of test results
  • advice to companies on appropriate strategies for language testing,
    assessing language needs (language auditing) and training
  • Results are based on the levels of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Goethe-Test PRO Reading and Listening

  • Tests comprehension of reading & listening, grammar and vocabulary
  • Lasts for approximately 1 hour
  • Precise assessment of the language level, based on an adaptive testing method that adjustes the question to the level of the previous answer
  • The result is available as soon as the test is finished
  • Goethe-Test PRO Reading and Listening

    Reading and Listening.

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    Fr. 100.-
    CHF 100.00

Companies and organisations

primarily use the Goethe-Test PRO in a human resources context for the assessment of German language skills of job applicants and existing staff. Additionally, it is increasingly being used for the monitoring and support of language training in companies. For example, it may be used to track language gain over an extended training period. Companies and organisations also use the Goethe-Test PRO for benchmarking purposes, setting linguistic goals and assessing employees’ achievements against these criteria.


can make use of the Goethe-Test PRO in a number of ways. On the one hand, they can use the Goethe-Test PRO as an indicator of German language ability in a CV. Alternatively, individuals can use the Goethe-Test PRO to confirm the assessment of a standard certificate (e.g. Goethe Zertifikat: B1) which may have been obtained sometime in the past. It can also serve as a recommendation to an individual as to which standard exam he or she should prepare for.