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A fast and reliable way to test the general English language level

Linguaskill is an online adaptive test to assess candidates at any level of language ability in general English, from below A1 to C2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).
Each candidate gets a report on their Listening and Reading performance as well as an overall score with the CEFR level and the score on Cambridge English Scale.

Choose Linguaskill for:

  • Graduation – Ensure that your students meet course exit requirements.
  • Recruitment – Assess your job applicants quickly and fairly.
  • Training – Use it to measure the outcomes of your English programmes.
  • Linguaskill Reading, Listening and Language Knowledge

    English General
    Reading, Listening and Language Knowledge.

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  • Linguaskill Writing

    English General

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Test Content

The Reading and Listening test takes 60–85 minutes to complete.

Reading tasks

  • Read and select
    Candidates read a notice, diagram, label, memo or letter containing a short text and choose the sentence or phrase that most closely matches the meaning of the text. There are three possible answers.
  • Gapped sentences
    Candidates read a sentence with a missing word (gap) and choose the correct word to fill the gap. There are four choices for each gap.
  • Multiple-choice gap-fill
    Candidates choose the right word or phrase to fill the gaps in a text. There are four choices for each gap.
  • Open gap-fill
    Candidates read a short text in which there are some missing words (gaps) and write in the missing word in each gap.
  • Extended reading
    Candidates read a longer text and answer a series of multiple-choice questions. The questions are in the same order as the information in the text.

Listening tasks

  • Listen and select
    Candidates listen to a short audio recording and answer a multiple-choice question with three options.
  • Extended listening
    Candidates listen to a longer recording and answer a series of multiple-choice questions based on it. The questions are in the same order as the information they hear in the recording.

Language Training Institutions / Schools

predominantly use Linguaskill for course placement purposes, general language assessment as well as for recommendations to students in regard to the preparation for standard exams that lead to a certificated language qualification.


can make use of Linguaskill in a number of ways. On the one hand, they can use Linguaskill as an indicator of language ability in a CV. Alternatively, individuals can use Linguaskill to confirm the assessment of a standard certificate (e.g. First Certificate in English) which may have been obtained sometime in the past. It can also serve as a recommendation to an individual as to which standard exam he or she should prepare for.